Micro Observation Drawing

Observation drawings of three dimensional objects and spaces provide opportunities to improve spatial knowledge and perception.  Photographs and illustrations can also act as useful subjects for observation drawings, being clear to distinguish between reproduction and copying – and dominance of observation in the former.

Micro-scale Drawings

Photographs of micro-scale shapes and textures that were visualized with scanning electron microscopy can be excellent sources for observation drawing.  There is no way to view the shapes and textures at the nano-scale without use of high magnification technology.  Using high magnification images for observation drawing provides opportunities to explore the physical shapes that occur on the micro-scale.

Below is a 10 minute observation drawing (left) made from a micrograph (right) of an arm fragment of a microscopic ostracod (two-shelled crustacean), showing joints and fine vibrissae (hairs) coming from limb ends.

Micro Observation Drawing

Give it a try

Click here to view the original micrograph on Morphbank.  Or, explore Morphbank and find other micrographs or photographs you find interesting.  Choose one and create an observation drawing of the structural details.  You can zoom in/out of the Morphbank images.

Try it… and share your thoughts about if you were able to “see more” by creating the observation drawing.

Leave a comment below to share your experiences or questions.

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