Observing a Virtual Model

Observing a Virtual Model

Observation drawing can be done from photographs or previous illustrations (redrawings), but the ability to move around an object by changing orientation of the subject is helpful.  The subject does not neccessarily need to be touched in order to explore various orientations.  The viewer can move around a physical object, and examine the object from various orientations.  A VR Viewer also provides the ability to change orientation of virtual 3D objects.

VR Viewer

Below is a VR View of a seal humerus from Atlantic coast shoreline.  Rotate the viewer by click and dragging right or left to spin around the object.  Zoom in/out to view high resolution details of surface and pan around image.

NOTE: If you cannot drag and spin the model zoom out as far as possible and try again.  Spinning only works when not zoomed into a particular view.

Observation Drawing Time Lapse

As a demonstration, below is a video of a time-lapse video of a 10 minute drawing (done in 1 minute) based on the model above.

Why don’t you give it a try?

Use the VR Viewer above – and do some observations drawings of the seal humerus.


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