Drawing Observations

The second session of the Observation Drawing for Natural Sciences was held on March 19th. A (final?) winter storm arriving tonight and only two weeks left in the term, but still several students attended and drew for ninety minutes at the end of the day. The sessions are informal and social.

A typical session, tonight started with about eight 30 second drawings, getting eyes attentive to observing carefully while loosening up the hand to move as quickly as the eyes.  Following a brief look at a few of the drawings and a chat about distance, details, mark making, and surfaces, drawing continued with several two-minute and then ten-minute drawings.

Tonight the drawings were done on 14×17 newsprint pads, using charcoal sticks and 6B pencils.  The smaller pad size worked well and avoided the need for larger and heavier drawing boards.  In the museum there are several surfaces to rest the drawing pads on, but some kind of drawing stand may be helpful in the future.




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